Reefton is a West Coast Town, so when it rains it really rains. The West Coast is known for this, but what is often overlooked is that West Coast rain regularly comes in a deluge and there can be long, fine periods at other times. This is shown statistically by a substantial amount of annual sunshine hours. Reefton in particular is known for long, fine spells during the summer months.

However, don’t put Reefton and the Goldfields of Quartzopolis in the same box as the rest of the West Coast. You will offend the locals. And statistically Reefton has much less rainfall and is on average much warmer than Greymouth, Westport or Hokitika. One reason for this is that Reefton is surrounded by mountains that work to block the worst of the weather.

Reefton Greymouth Christchurch
Annual Rainfall 2200mm 2875mm 360mm
Sunshine Hours 1800 1860 2025
Average Summer Temperature 25C 17C 17C
Average Winter Temperature 15C 9C 9C

How can I organise my holiday to Quartzopolis to line up with the golden weather?

In the south island the weather comes with wind off the ocean. If it comes as a Nor’ West wind it will be dry and hot as many Cantabrians know. In Reefton and on the West Coast, the mountains “catch” the Nor’ West weather and it will be wet or humid.

However, if the weather is cold and rainy in Christchurch and coming from the East, SE or NE, there’s a very good chance that it will be a nice sunny day in Reefton and on the West Coast.

If you want to escape the dry and hot Nor’ West in Christchurch – Reefton is a good option for wet weather.

If it is grey or rainy in Christchurch, or you want to escape the cold of a Sou’ East wind- Reefton could be a good option for fine, clear, calm weather.

The or have current up to date weather for Reefton.

Rainy Day options include:

  • The Blacks Point Museum
  • The Swimming Pool Waiuta Township (take a rain jacket)
  • Reefton Town Walks (take a rain jacket)
  • Choose from a range of cafés in town

Day walks, that can be safely done in the rain include, Alborns Track, Murray Creek (Blacks Point) tracks, Walk up the Waitahu Valley to the Clematis Swing Bridge.

An overnight tramp from Capleston to Kirwans Hut and back can be achieved in rain – the hut is large and has plenty of Coal for the fire.

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